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All of us are active and want to remain active! Today, it is a part of a healthy lifestyle choice. Whether it is in the backyard beginning the Fall clean up, swimming in the pool, working out at the Gym, or walking the Park, pain in the shoulders or low back can be a reality for us all.

Add to our normally active lifestyle 'back to school' this week, and pain levels and stress can be pushed to their limits. New routines are being set up, programmes are being started and our schedules are becoming even tighter. Nagging shoulder and neck pain  and possibly the odd headache begin to creep in to our daily lifes.

Acupuncture is a safe, pain-free all natural alternative. Pain, headaches, stress, are all indicators of blocked energy. Circulation and blood flow have become compromised. The body's 'Chi' has dropped. Acupuncture seeks to balance and move the blocked energy in the body thereby increasing the flow of blood and restoring our 'Chi'. When an Acupuncture needle is inserted into a point or 'vortex of energy', messages are immediately sent to pain receptors in the brain which combine with the body's natural painkillers to weaken the pain signals.

After only a few short treatmens, clients report feeling more relaxed, lighter, and have more energy. Pain and stress are reduced and in some cases, disappear. There are no side effects to Acupuncture and it is a great way to de-compress!

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Emotional Awareness!

Posted by Paul C. Lewis, M.A. R.Ac, DNM, DO-MTP on October 2, 2016 at 5:10 PM

October is Emotional Awareness Month! 

Emotions play a pivotal role in how we think, behave and react to situations in our eveyday lifes. Our emotions can be short lived such as a quick reaction to an annoyance, or longer lasting such the sadness over the loss of a relationship or the death of a loved one.  In perfect health, mind, body, spirit and soul are connected and aligned. If our emotional body is burdened with anger, sadness, anxiety, despair, or depression, it can affect our health and cause energy flows to be disrupted.

In Chinese Medicine, each of our organs are connected to an emotion. For example, the Liver represents anger, the Heart is related to joy, the Spleen to pensiveness, and the Lungs to anxiety. To acheive balance and wellness the energy running throughout the pathways or Meridians in the body must be balanced and free flowing. In this state, our energy circuit board is connected and our organs are receiving nourishment and energy.

Emotional intelligence or our ability to understand and manage emotions, plays a critical role in our decision-making process. Logic and reasoning are only part of reaching a decision. The other part is emotions. How we manage our emotions is directly related to our overall wellness and flow of energy. If we are grounded in our beings and our energy is free-flowing and balanced, our emotional response can actually motivate us to take action and do something positive to affect the outcome.

Acupuncture and Osteopathy can help balance and move energy, circulation, blood, lymph and align joints. As energy and bodily fluids move and mind, body, spirit, and soul align, inate healing powers from within are harnessed. Emotional awarenes is heightened and one is grounded. Decisions are made in a stable, informed and relaxed state. Book your treatment today and start to 'take back your health' and achieve 'balance and wellness'. Emotional wellness is a state of mindfulness and being in the present. Stress and anxiety, migraines, and depression.....receive 20% of the initial consultation!  


Posted by Paul C. Lewis, M.A. R.Ac, DNM, DO-MTP on April 11, 2016 at 5:55 PM

Step into Spring means feeling well in mind, body and spirit. Winters in Canada are long and dreary. Our bodies are ready for renewal and growth. Sunshine, warm weather, exercise, and connecting to Mother Earth whether it be gardening or walking barefoot in the sand, are all part of that renewal and growth. Acupuncture and Osteopathy can both help to align mind, body, and spirit and bring renewal. Each therapy seeks to move and balance energy. Blood flow, structural imbalances, and relief of muscle tension are all addressed. Osteopathy also helps to improve spinal health and correct postural imbalances. Form and function and arterial flow are all supreme. Low back pain, migraines, and  stress and anxiety can all be minimized when the energy is flowing throughout the body in a continuous and balanced way. One is now ready to take on the activities of Spring! Book in the month of April and May and save the consultation fee or book a package of five and receive the fifth treatment free!

Osteopathic Adjustment

Posted by Paul C. Lewis, M.A. R.Ac, DNM, DO-MTP on January 20, 2016 at 7:25 PM


Osteopathy focuses on the systems of the body...nervous and circulatory. In Osteopathy, the artery is supreme. Arterial flow must be restored for health and wellness. Osteopathic practice means the evaluation of people with connective tissue disorders and tightness of the spinal column or somatic dysfunction. Osteopathy seeks to release these blockages of energy and restore the flow of energy to the arterial, and nervous systems. Osteopathy is a form of Natural Medicine with precise palpatory acts that restore mobility to each system in the body. Conditions treated include but are not limited to muscle spasms, inflammation, lesions, rigidity, structural imbalance, and pain. Book your initial appointment today and receive 10% off!

Natural Medicine Therapy

Posted by Paul C. Lewis, M.A. R.Ac, DNM, DO-MTP on January 12, 2015 at 8:40 PM

Acupuncture is just one natural medicine therapy in a basket of therapies referred to as 'Natural Medicine Therapy'. Other therapies can include Reiki, Homeopathy, Nutritional Counselling, Lifestyle Management, and Massage. They all seek to 'BALANCE'. Natural Medicine originated hundreds of years ago in Mesopotamia and Egypt. It began with a physician by the name of 'Avicenna' who believed that disease was caused by transgressions or unregulated behaviour.

Natural Medicine seeks to balance mind, body and spirit. An unbalance occurs when a foreign pathogen or toxin enters ones' etheric space or aura. It is similar to a hole in the ozone layer of the atmosphere. It has now entered the spirit or mind. Stress, fatigue, improper nutrition, anxiety, improper sleep patterns, or unregulated behaviour plays an important role in what happens next.

The immune system tries to mount a proper defence against the foreign pathogen whether it be viral or bacterial. It has now entered the body. If one is stressed, over tired, or is following unregulated behaviour such as improper nutrition, the immune system cannot fight the pathogen. At this point, the pathogen enters the cellular layer of the body and begins producing more cells. One becomes sick with a cold, flu, or more serious diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Colitis, or Arthritis.

The job of Natural Medicine Therapy is to bring the body back into balance and naturally and gently excrete the toxin from the body. In other words, close the hole in the ozone layer. Acupuncture is one Natural Medicine Therapy that is used to bring the body back into balance or homeostasis. Acupuncture seeks to balance the energy across the meridians and restore wellness and balance. When the foreign pathogen is released, energy begins to flow in a balanced way throughout the meridians. Inflammation has been reduced. One feels well. Natural Medicine Therapy is focused on releasing imbalances from the mind, body and spirit and restoring wellness and balance to the individual.

Today, Natural Medicine is becoming ever more popular as people seek a non-invasive, gentle way to restore wellness and balance to their individual health. Natural Medicine is being combined with Conventional Medicine to form a new medical model referred to as, 'Integrated Medicine'. Both are working together to bring balance and wellness to the mind, body, and spirit.

Yin Yoga and Acupuncture

Posted by Paul C. Lewis, M.A. R.Ac, DNM, DO-MTP on October 10, 2014 at 4:25 PM

Ying Yoga and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture draw upon the same Classical Chinese Philosophy of Ying and Yang. When Ying and Yang are in perfect balance, one achieves perfect wellness. In Acupuncture, the body is in a state of perfect wellness, when the energy is flowing in a free and balanced way through the Meridians or 'rivers of energy.' The body is in a state of perfect homeostasis.

Ying and Yang are mutually supportive. They are a part of our everyday lives. Ying is cold, heavy, still, the energy is storing. Yang is hot, movement, fire, the energy is expending. A tall, leaner body is normally Ying. A shorter, heavier set body is normally Yang. The trick to perfect wellness is to balance both Ying and Yang. For example, high blood pressure in Chinese Medicine is considered a Yang condition. Fire and heat are rising in the body. There is movement from the Liver. Acupuncture seeks to reduce the heat and balance Yang and Ying by gently inserting fine sterile needles into the appropriate Meridians to re-establish a harmonized flow of energy. Ying and Yang are balanced and perfect wellness is achieved.

Acupuncture, Ying or Yang (active, muscular) Yoga, exercise, Homeopathy, Reiki, food and lifestyle can all help to balance Ying and Yang and help to achieve one's perfect wellness. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture combined with Yoga can lead to a life long pursuit of perfect wellness.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture combined with healthy lifestyle choices such as Yin Yoga and proper nutrition can help put one on a clear path to achieving perfect wellness. Stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and fatigue are all reduced. Ying and Yang are balanced.






Sports Injuries

Posted by Paul C. Lewis, M.A. R.Ac, DNM, DO-MTP on September 15, 2014 at 8:50 PM

Acupuncture and Sports Injuries


As an Acupuncturist, I have been seeing more and more fitness/sports related injuries. As people become more aware of their fitness levels, and want to prolong or prevent ageing, they are taking up walking, running, cycling, swimming, fitness gyms and more. Acupuncture can play a significant role in this phenomenon.

Acupuncture seeks to balance the energy across the meridians. As energetic blockages are removed, the energy begins to flow in the meridians and the body feels well, relaxed and energized. Pain, swelling, and stiffness disappears. One feels better than ever on that morning run! Injuries are reduced and fitness levels are increased.

For example, runners often experience swollen or sore ankles. By doing Acupuncture, circulation to the ankle region is increased and the pain and swelling begin to disappear as the energy once again begins to flow in the affected area. As the energy balances across the meridians, the body reaches a new level of wellness, and the risk of further injuries are reduced.

This is just one benefit of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.