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Posted by Paul C. Lewis, M.A. R.Ac, DNM, DO-MTP on March 7, 2017 at 6:35 PM

Spring is just around the corner according to Groundhog Willie....not by looking out the window or at the thermometer! In a couple of weeks, Spring will officially be here! Bye-bye to Winter and all her snow and cold. It has been a long dark and often cold winter for many.

Re-invigorate, Re-energize, Build Your Immunity, Detox, Build Strength, Lose Winter Weight, Fill Out Facial Lines, De-stress....all great 'feel good' ideas for the coming of Spring. Spring is about feeling the best you can be and renewal of your energy and mental health.

In Chinese Medicine, Spring represents renewal, new, rapid, green growth, the birth of animals, and new beginnings for all of us! The body's organs associated with Spring are the Liver and Gallbladder....the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine. We all need to emrace the trees around us as they sprout new growth and introduce some wood into our homes. Now is the time to detoxify the Liver.

The Liver represents our centre of emotions...primarily anger. If anger is left unchecked, it causes internal heat in the Liver and can lead to headaches, migraines, stress and anxiety, and even high blood pressure. These conditions can all lead to unwanted drugs which only serve to drive the condition into the body even deeper.

Fortunately, four points in Chinese Acupuncture can help the body to tonify, raise immunity, detox, relax the muscles, and influence the circulation of Chi and blood. They can also help with headaches/migraines, stiffness, whiplash, low back pain, and stress and anxiety. They are ST. 36, LI. 4, GB 39, and LIV. 3. They are all located on the legs or arms and along with a few others, are powerful points to help unleash the innate healing power within all of us. The Wood Element effectively re-energizes and Liver heat is dispersed. Relaxation and complete balance and wellness occur.

An effective addition to Acupuncture is Osteopathy. Integrative Medicine is becoming more and more popular and with amazing results. Osteopathy focuses on lymphatic, spinal, and nervous system flow. It gently releases blockages and decompresses arteries from stress and constriction allowing the body fluids and blood to flow freely. The body's muscles, joints, and immune system are strengthened.

Please check out HUMED's March special of an ACU-OSTEO COMBO for $60!  

Embrace, enjoy, and make this Spring the best it can be for you and your family! Happy Spring!

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